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Character Revealed: Dikke - Initial Impression


Dikke is a 5* Rarity Arcanist of the Beast Attribute that focuses on dealing a mix of Mental and Genesis Damage to individual enemies and provide the team with team-wide healing proportional to her own attack stat when necessary.

"Silence. ...Speak. From whence dost thou hail and what is thy purpose?"


Character Backstory

Era: The Middle Ages

Date Of Birth: 10th of October

A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH: A ferocious soul within her flame-shaped sword from Babylonian period that can bite humans. It rests on Dikke's shoulder and witnesses every trail she holds, like her shadow that never leaves. Sinners shall be punished.


A REBEL: As the Supreme Chief of the Special Court, she is in charge of the retrials of temporal court cases. The intent is to prevent any wrongful convictions. During the witch-hunt action against the arcanists, the Special Court secretly protected many innocent arcanists under Dikke's leading.


MINCE NO WORDS: Hypocrisy is the first enemy of justice, thus Dikke minces no words, either to authorities or sinners, like what she does in every case.

"There are numerous injustices in the world. The law cannot prevail over power, but there shalt eventually be a sword sharp enough to cut it down."


Damage Type: Mental Damage, Genesis Damage

Tags: DPS, Heal

Skill 1 - Power: 1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG plus Genesis DMG.


Skill 2 - Justice: Mass healing. Restores HP for all allies; if a target's HP is below 50%, additionally restores HP for the target.


Ultimate - Maverick Judgement:  1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG plus Genesis DMG; dispels all [Stats Down], [Negative Status], and [Control] statuses from the caster and inflicts [Immunity] on the caster.



1st Insight : When the caster attacks, if the caster's HP percentage is higher than the target's, ATK +15%.


2nd Insight: ATK +5% when the caster enters battle.


3rd Insight: When the caster attacks, if the caster's HP percentage is lower than the target, Leech Rate +15%.


1st Level: Increase the Genesis Damage dealt by Maverick Judgement by an extra 30% of Dikke’s Attack.


2nd Level: Increase the Mental Damage dealt by Power


3rd Level: Increase the Genesis Damage dealt by Maverick Judgement by an extra 70% of Dikke’s Attack.


4th Level: Increase the healing amount of Justice.


5th Level: Increase the Genesis Damage dealt by Maverick Judgement by an extra 110% of Dikke’s Attack.

First Impressions

Dikke on first glance is a very strong mix DPS character for a 5* Rarity Arcanist with her ability to not only deal both Mental and Genesis Damage with her skills but also heal other allies in order to keep the team alive for longer and more difficult fights. However, Dikke does have some important notes players should pay attention to in order to fully maximize her potential as a Sub-DPS/ Support Arcanist. 


The majority of Dikke’s kit relies heavily on her own attack stat, with both of her damaging skill and healing skill scale solely off her own attack stat. However, since she is a 5*, her stats are lower than that other supports and sub DPS characters of the 6* rarity, making her healing less impactful when compared to other top tier Arcanist. That being said, Dikke is still a very budget and beginner friendly Sub-DPS/ Support character to have until players can obtain other more powerful characters to replace her with.


Dikke shines best when used for survival during the early game of Reverse: 1999, so if players are struggling with challenging stages in the early game, rolling for and building Dikke won’t be a waste of resources in the long run.

How To Obtain

- Dikke will be available in the game’s general gacha pool.


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