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Reverse 1999 1.5 UTTU guide

This is a guide for the upcoming patch 1.5 UTTU. In this article, I will cover new card additions as well as certain hard stage strategies. Know that as this UTTU is still weeks away in global when I write this, all information is taken from the corresponding CN patch, and may differ from the final release global gets. Due to the same reason, I will not be using names of the cards when referring to them, since they do not have official English names at the time.

I will also be using full scale fame card arts without the boarders since that’s how they’re stored in files and it’s a pain to screenshot all the cards from wiki. And those fame cards will be the focus of this article because the game is focusing on afflatus and individual oriented cards for a change this UTTU and introduces a variety of new cards that we’ll be taking a look at right now.

Despite there being several new Vertin cards added this time, among which the one that grants an extra AP is certainly useful, this card I’m showing above in particular is the only one I’ll be focusing on and is arguably the most powerful. With this card, and many of the other new additions, the game encourages you to focus on mono afflatus teams. Here’s what it does:

• [Plant] units increase the duration of all [poison] statuses on target by 1 after an attack.

• [Beast] units have moxie limit decreased by 1, and ultimates enjoy +50% crit rate.

• [Mineral] units enjoy +5% incantation might for each type of [stats up], [pos status] or [counter] on self.

• [Star] units convert excess crit rate to crit dmg on ultimates, and gain a stack of [concentration] for every crit landed. [Concentration] boosts ultimate might by 15% for each stack to a max of 10 stacks, and expires after ultimate.

• [Intellect] and [spirit] units enjoy +25% atk, reality def and mental def.

At a glance, some of these effects might seem pretty ordinary. However, they will become quite overpowered once paired with certain other fame cards. All the card effects mentioned below will only take effect on units with corresponding afflatus.



Of all the mono afflatus teams, plant team is by far the most powerful, allowing huge amounts of [poison] to be stacked and triggered in a relatively short period of time. Having Jessica and Sotheby will be especially beneficial. To make use of this team, you will need the following cards:


The first card will increase genesis dmg dealt by 10% every turn, which can easily stack up to very high numbers. It’s crucial for increasing dmg dealt by [poison] bursts, since genesis dmg is otherwise hard to buff. The second card inflicts 3 stacks of [poison] on the target after the carrier uses ultimate. It’s not the highest priority but would still be good to have. The third card grants a special skill every 3 turns that will instantly proc all [poison] on target. It’s the core of this team, unless you have Sotheby of course. The fourth card inflicts 1 stack of [poison] on all enemies every other turn. It’s the best for passive [poison] application and ideally, you’d want it on every team member.

Using this team, you will need to use as many attack skills as possible to proc the Vertin card’s effect, lengthening the duration of the existing [poison] stacks. After several turns have passed, use the card mentioned above or Sotheby’s ultimate to trigger all the [poison] at once. The resulting huge genesis dmg burst should be able to kill any enemy regardless of any stage effects. Pay attention to any cleanse the enemy might have however, and either avoid it or change to another strategy.



This team focuses on frequent and powerful ultimate spams. It’s quite effective when your team contains units with high value ultimates like Melania or Spathodea. To make use of this team, you will need the following cards:


The first card increases ultimate might of the whole team by 6% every turn. While it is useful, the second card, which increases the whole teams’ ultimate might by 10% and grants 1 moxie after using ultimate, might be better in some cases. Of course, you can also use them together. The third card gives the carrier 15% ultimate might for every beast unit on the team. It’s only good for short fights and thus isn’t very useful. The fourth card grants the carrier 4 moxie upon entering battle and grants an additional moxie every other turn. It’s also mostly used for short fights.

Using this team, you might also want to equip the TTT card on certain crit focused units to convert excess crit rate from the Vertin card to crit dmg. You would also want to focus on the first two cards above and have as many of them equipped as possible. In battle, to make the most of the second card and not waste any moxie, you should arrange your ultimates in such a way that you have one ready to use every turn. Use the other AP at your disposal to focus on buffing and surviving. Given enough time, your ultimates will become powerful enough to kill any enemy.



Here, normal skills make up the majority of the damage. With numerous buffs covering the survival side, huge amounts of incantation might will allow you to make steady progress. However, it is the least effective of all the teams. To make use of this team, you will need the following cards:


The first card grants 2 random 2-turn buffs to the whole team every turn. It’s the best to pair with the Vertin card effect and gain incantation might, especially if you have it equipped for everyone. The second card grants 2 random buffs to the whole team and 1 turn of [empowered incantation] to the carrier. It has limited usefulness to be honest. The third card grants 1 random 2-turn buff to self for every mineral unit on the team. It could be used paired with the first card. The fourth card levels up the rightmost skill of the carrier by 1 star every other turn. It’s slightly more useful than the second card and could be considered.

Using this team should be pretty straightforward, you just play as you normally would and hopefully the enhanced skill power would clear any obstacles you might face. Not much more could be said here except maybe don’t bring your own buffers since the fame cards already covered that.



With this setup, you acquire the ability to burst with normal skills and ultimates alike to deal large amounts of burst damage. Units with both strong skills and ultimates fit best with this strategy. To make use of this team, you will need the following cards:


The first card increases crit rate of the whole team by 10% every turn. It alone should be enough to guarantee crit for the whole team. The second card grants 3 stacks of [concentration] and 1 turn of +50% crit dmg for the whole team. It’s a great pair with the next card, which increases crit rate and crit dmg by 100% for the whole team for one turn every 3 turns. The last card gives +50% crit dmg for the carrier and at every turn end, an additional stack of [concentration]. It’s a decent card to bring along if you have any spare slots left.

Using this team requires you to save up powerful skills and ultimates for the burst turn provided by the third card mentioned above. You should also be able to maintain decent damage in the other turns. Due to the crit conversion on ultimate, burst turns would become exceptionally powerful and will probably shred through most enemies. However, due to the lack of permanent stacking mechanisms, if you find the battle is dragging on longer than it should, turning to the trustworthy Leilani and Regulus cards is understandable.


Other than these general afflatus focused fame cards, there are also a bunch of cards that are obviously meant for specific units, mostly 6 stars. I will list most of the powerful cards in this category and which unit in particular it’s meant to be used on.

[Stats down] inflicted +1 turn count. At turn end, if the carrier has [baby tooth], grant 1 moxie to the leftmost ally, and heal 10% lost hp for the whole team. For Tooth Fairy.

If under [preignition] when attacking, enjoy +50% crit dmg for this attack and gain 1 moxie. For Spathodea.

If the carrier is spirit or intellect, ultimate might +50%, and gain 1 moxie every turn end. For A Knight and 6.

For every moxie owned, incantation might +10%. Enjoy an additional +60% incantation might when attacking enemies with [weakness]. For Centurion.

Every other turn, plant allies heal 20% lost hp. Allies under [circle of life] gain an additional stack of [rising morale]. For Druvis III.

At turn start, +2 [Eureka] and all mushrooms on self grows once. For Ezra and 37.


Finally, some advice on certain hard stages:

Stage 20: Defeated enemy will heal all other enemies and spread their buff to them. Check which buff affects your team the most and leave that enemy for last. Attempting to kill all enemies at once is not recommended. Instead, focus on one at a time.

Stage 23: The two enemies switch between immunity to reality skills and immunity to mental skills. Use your high damage burst skills on Erick, and less effective skills on La Source, since Erick applies buffs to self and ally when hit and La Source applies debuffs.

Stage 24: Use ultimate spam. Enemies take a lot less damage from anything else.

Stage 25: Control the use debuffs. Enemies heal like crazy when inflicted with 6 or more [neg status]. Additionally, enemies gain moxie when APPLe has less than 3 debuffs on self and when ONiON has buffs on self. APPLe and Regulus also gains offensive buffs every 3 turns. Counter them accordingly.

Stage 26: The three weirdly colored stones pose a big threat. They each inflict 2 stacks of debuff on your whole team. After being attacked, they remove 1 stack of their corresponding debuff. The red one decreases your dmg bonus. The green one decreases your ultimate might. The yellow one depletes your hp. I’d recommend focusing on both the red and the yellow one at once first.

Stage 27: Pavia will passively take damage based on max hp for each of his allies you defeat. Do just that and eventually he will kill himself.

Stage 28: Attack Eagle constantly to prevent her from building up too much dmg bonus. Time your bursts to trigger when she’s at her weakest.

Stage 29: The goal is just to kill Sonetto. However, Sonetto has tons of allies and she has very high dmg taken reduction unless you kill them all. Thus, the best way to deal with her is to use plant team poison burst as genesis dmg ignores dmg taken reduction. Make sure to kill her in one single burst, as she heals if inflicted with 6 or more [neg status].

Stage 30: Dikke will switch between inflicting [disarm] when attacked and inflicting [seal] when hit with ultimate. She also grants full moxie and ultimate might to all allies when her hp drops to certain thresholds. Her allies, those big critters, have extremely hard-hitting ultimates, so avoid getting hit by those. Since you win by killing Dikke, the best strategy is still to use plant team poison burst. Keep in mind that Dikke’s ultimate cleanses herself, so you might need to make several attempts until she uses ultimate late enough.

The enemies in special week are basically buffed up versions of the previous stages. You can use the same strategies to deal with them. And that concludes this guide for version 1.5 UTTU.

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