Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Agents Tier List

Updated: 9/7/2024

About the Tier List:

The tier list aims to rate the different Agents in the game based on their individual damage output, team synergy and compatibility, mobility and general ease of use, and finally, their overall combat capabilities in many different contents in the game.

The tier list is divided into 3 categories of characters based on their roles in a team and based on what they are capable of: DPS, Specialty, and Support.

DPS Agents excel at being the main source of damage in a team, making them the primary focus of many different team compositions.


Specialty Agents specializes in many different gimmicks and playstyles, making them diverse. It is important to note that since Specialized Agents are quite diverse, it is important to understand the different mechanics each Agent of this category brings before comparing them. For Example: An S Rank Counter Specialty Agent should not be compared to an S Rank Anomaly Specialty Agent as they do different things in a team.


Support Agents focus on providing the team with various beneficial buffs or effects that allows DPS and Specialty Agents to do more damage to enemies on the field.


Please note that characters from different categories of the same tier does not necessarily mean that they are on par with each other overall. For example, an S Tier Agent in the Support category might not perform as well as an S Tier Agent in the DPS category as their standard of ratings are different.

Rating Information:

S Tier: These Agents are currently the best characters of their respective elements and their playstyle offers players a satisfactory gameplay experience in addition to either being able to deal massive amounts of damage or being able to support the entire team efficiently with their skills.


A Tier: These Agents perform well in many fights and help to supplement the Agents at the S Tier in suitable teams. The Agents in this rank are good in many situations, however, their capabilities are either lesser than that of S Tier Agents in terms of damage output or in terms of the difficulty in their playstyle.


B Tier: These Agents are those that fall short in terms of both DPS and Support capabilities when compared to others. While their combat prowess are decent enough and they can hold their own in various contents, when compared with other characters, they need extreme investment to become powerful.

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Best Agents Tier List & Which Agents Should You Build

Agents Tier List Criteria Explanation - How We Rate Each Agents

The Agents in Zenless Zone Zero are divided into many different archetypes and many different roles depending on their own combat performance and the type of Elemental Damage that they can provide on the field.


Generally, the Agents in Zenless Zone Zero can be divided into 5 archetypes based on their classes in-game:


- Attack: These Agents excel at dishing out damage against enemies on the field and are the primary damage dealer in the majority of team compositions, they hold the position of the main DPS in a team and are the heart of most team compositions.

- Defense: These Agents have incredible Defensive Bulk and have gameplay mechanics revolving around tanking the enemies’ attacks and dishing out damage in return. These Agents are valued as tanks in the team comps and can help mitigate the damage taken by the team.

- Anomaly: These Agents primary strong point lies in their ability to take advantage of the different Attribute Anomaly Effects of the different Elements and amplifies their effects by quickly building them up or boosting their damage output.

- Stun: These Agents are excellent at dealing rapid attacks to raise the enemies’ Daze gauge to full in order to make them enter the Stunned state, helping to initiate Chain Attacks with other Agents and create opportune moments for good damage.

- Support: These Agents are primarily the main damage boosting source in many team comps with their ability to boost the team’s damage output with their abilities as well as crowd controlling enemies to help the team deal more damage.


In this tier list, we will rank the different Agents by grouping them into 3 distinct category in order to signify the different roles the Agents fills in the team and based on how well they perform in those roles:


- DPS Agents: This category mainly concerns Attack Agents due to their offensive nature as main DPS.

- Specialty Agents: This category contains Anomaly, Defense and Stun Agents due to their unique playstyle in different team compositions.

- Support Agents: This category belongs to Support Agents thanks to their unique ability to boost the team’s damage.


Aside from their archetypes, the Agents are also divided into 5 different Elements based on the Elemental Damage that they can deal when they are on field: Fire, Ice, Electric, Ether & Physical. 

However, do note that, for example, an S Rank Ice DPS Agent and an S Rank Fire DPS Agent should not be compared to each other as they fulfill their roles in different teams and should not be compared to each other.

Agents Tier List Analysis - Which Agents Should You Build

DPS Agents

This category concerns the different Attack Type Agents and their capabilities as the main DPS of the different team comps. The higher the tier, the more powerful they are as a main DPS option.


The S Tier Agents of this category are:

Ellen Joe

Billy Kid

Zhu Yuan

Soldier 11

Nekomiya Mana


Physical DPS

Ether DPS

Fire DPS

Physical DPS


Ellen Joe is the S Tier Ice Elemental DPS Agent as she can dish out a lot of Ice Elemental Damage in a short time with her massive powerful attacks.


Billy Kid & Nekomiya Mana ties as S Tier Physical DPS Agents options for Physical centric teams. Billy Kid has the upper advantage of being free for all players with a very powerful and dynamic skill kit, while Nekomiya is extremely agile in nature and can dish out massive amounts of damage with her fast attacks.


Soldier 11 is the prime Fire Elemental DPS option, making her an S Tier Agent. Her ability to dish out Fire Elemental damage to a large area is extremely powerful with her high damage modifiers.


Zhu Yuan is the Ether Elemental DPS option with her powerful close combat capabilities and her ability to deal massive amounts of Ether damage with her abilities.


The A Tier Agents of this category are:


Corrin Wickes

Physical DPS


Corrin Wickes is the A Tier Physical DPS option due to her slower and more clunky playstyle when compared to other better options like Billy Kid or Nekomiya Mana for Physical teams.


The B Tier Agents of this category are:


Anton Ivanov

Electric DPS


Anton Ivanov ranks low as a B Tier due to his relatively low damage output even as the sole Electric Attacker in the game.

Specialty Agents

This category concerns the difference between Anomaly, Defense and Stun Agents and their flexible capabilities to fill different roles in the different team comps. The higher the tier, the better they are at their individual niche and job.


The S Tier Agents of this category are:


Ben Bigger

Grace Howard

Von Lycaon

Fire Defense Agent

Electric Anomaly Agent

Ice Stun Agent


Ben Bigger is ranked as an S Rank Specialty Agent due to his unique ability to tank massive enemies attacks and counter them with Fire Elemental attacks, making him an extremely good tank or sub DPS option for Fire Elemental teams.


Grace Howard is ranked as an S Rank Specialty Agent thanks to her ability to quickly raise the Attribute Anomaly with her rapid Electric Elemental attacks, allowing her to trigger the Shock status extremely quickly on multiple enemies, dealing even more damage than many other Electric DPS options.


Von Lycaon is the primary option of a Stun Agent for Ice elemental team thanks to his rapid attacks quickly raising the enemies’ Daze gauge and his ability to deal good Ice Elemental damage as a sub DPS as well.


The A Tier Agents of this category are:


Koleda Belobog

Piper Wheel

Fire Stun Agent

Physical Anomaly Agent


Koleda Belebog is the Fire team’s main Stun Agent with her ability to raise the enemies’ Daze gauge and inflict burn, however, her capabilities only truly shine when she is paired in the same team as Ben Bigger.


Piper Wheel is a Physical Anomaly Agent that can quickly raise the Anomaly Buildup rate for Physical teams, allowing them to trigger Assault more frequently. She requires a good Physical DPS as a teammate to take full advantage of her abilities.


The B Tier Agents of this category are:


Anby Demara

Electric Stun Agent


Anby Demara is the Electric team’s main Stun Agent option, however, her ability to raise enemies’ Daze gauge is not that good even with a dedicated team, making it better to not use her in some of the main Electric team comps, lowering her rank.

Support Agents

This category concerns the different Support Type Agents and their capabilities as the support of the different team comps. The higher the tier, the more powerful their supporting buffs and abilities are in their team comps.


The S Tier Agents of this category are:


Nicole Demara

Alexandrina Sebastiane

Ether/Generic Support Agent

Electric/Generic Support Agent


Nicole Demara is the main Support Agent for the Ether element, however, she can also be used in many different team comps thanks to her excellent crowd controlling ability that reduces the enemies’ RES, making her rank extremely high.


Alexandrina Sebastiane is the main supporting Agent for the Electric centric team, with her abilities allowing her to buff the agents on field with extremely beneficial buffs. She can also be used in many generic team comps thanks to these universal buffs as well.


The A Tier Agents of this category are:



Luciana de Montefio

Ice Support Agent

Fire Support Agent


Soukaku is the primary support option for the Ice elemental centric team with her ability to group enemies together and inflict Freeze on them.


Luciana de Montefio is the Fire Elemental team support with her ability to boost Fire Agent’s damage output and reduces enemies’ Fire RES.

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