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Reverse: 1999 Psychube Guide: How to Equip and Optimize Your Arcanist

Psychubes are a form of equipment that can be used to deck out your Arcanists with extra stats and — depending on the Psychube’s rarity — even powerful additional effects that can help your team. For the gacha game connoisseurs, they work in a similar way to Lightcones (Honkai Star Rail), Equipment (Dislyte) or Relics (Genshin Impact). 


On release, there will be a wide variety of Psychubes available both through special farming stages or the Psychube Shop, purchasable with a separate currency also obtained from those stages.


With such a wide variety of Psychubes available on the game’s release, it may be confusing to figure out which works best on which Arcanist. Since, in a team, each psychube can only be equipped to one Arcanist, players must carefully consider exactly which Psychube they want to give to which Arcanist. 


That’s where this guide comes in. Below will be a detailed list of 6✦ Psychubes, their effects, and the units that can use them.


Disclaimer: Psychubes below 5✦ rarity are not worth equipping over 5✦ or higher rarity Psychubes, their effects simply do not match up with the stronger Psychubes. However, since early game players won’t have a lot of high rarity Psychubes available to them, the low tier Psychubes will be detailed later on.





For every enemy target the wearer defeats, their own Skill power is increased by 4-8%, this effect stacks for up to 4 times.

This makes Hopscotch especially potent for stages where multiple waves of enemies are present and Arcanists who primarily cast their Skills.


Brave New World

After the wearer casts their Ultimate, the Skill power of the next normal Skill is increased by 20-40%.

The opposite of Hopscotch, this is for Arcanists who routinely use their  Ultimates and want that extra power following that.

Since everyone has an Ultimate, technically every Arcanist can make use of Brave New World. Except for Door and Mrs. Radio.

That’s basically saying: When in doubt, equip Brave New World.


Blasphemer in the Night

When the wearer attacks, if the target carries at least 2 [Neg Status], deal 12-24% more damage to it.

Note: The [Neg Status] condition does not make it activate off of standard debuffs.

The best Psychube for damage output, though it has a condition that’s hard to activate with the available units on release.

Any DPS/Carry if you have:



Thunderous Applause

Attack’s damage is increased by 16-32% when the wearer’s single-target attack crits.

The best psychube for crit-oriented Arcanists. It outpaces Blasphemer in damage amplification, with the caveat that it only works on single-target attacks that crit.


Her Second Life

If the wearer casts an Attack Ultimate, heals all party members for (wearer's ATK x 32%).

Note: This only activates if the wearer’s Ultimate directly deals damage to enemies.

A fairly solid psychube specifically for supports with Ultimates that deal damage. Slightly niche on release but can be fairly powerful as more supports get added.



That Inquisitive Dear

After the wearer casts a Debuff Skill, heals the lowest HP ally for (wearer’s ATK x 24-48%) HP (can only trigger once per turn).

Provides a consistent source of healing if equipped on Arcanists that can debuff frequently and consistently.



His Bounden Duty

When the wearer defeats an enemy, restores (wearer’s ATK x 60-120%) HP to them.

Provides good sustain for DPS/Carries that might lack a bit of self-healing. The enormous ATK stat that this Psychube provides also makes it potent for general use.


That is the extent of the 6✦ Psychube roster upon Global release. More Psychubes will be added as new updates come out, but these are the options you’re left with when first starting out. Now, 5✦ Psychubes usually don’t beat out the powerful effects of 6✦ Psychubes, so they will be rostered in a more convenient way.




Yearning Desire

When the wearer attacks, if the target is inflicted with [Status Down] or [Neg Status], damage dealt to it is increased by 8-16%.

Basically a lite version of Blasphemer in the Night.

DPS/Carries in teams that can activate the [Stats Down] or [Neg Status] effects.


Tomorrow Also

Critical rate increases by 10-20% when the wearer casts their Ultimate.

Basically a lite version of Thunderous Applause.

DPS/Carries that rely on critical strikes such as Lilya and Matilda.


The Footloose

When the wearer attacks, if the target's HP is higher than 50%, it deals 8-16% more damage to it.

The Free Psychube you receive as part of the tutorial surrounding the concept. Generally alright on all DPS/Carries.

Any DPS/Carry and sometimes even damage oriented Supports or healers.



The wearer takes 10-20% less damage when attacked by an Ultimate.

Alright for boss stages where boss Ultimates can heavily chunk important teammates.

Any Arcanist that requires extra damage reduction against hard-hitting enemy Ultimates.


An Afternoon Nap

The wearer’s own crit rate is increased by 3% after a single-target attack, this effect stacks up to 4-8 times.

Similar to Tomorrow Also but oriented around normal Skills instead of Ultimates.

DPS/Carries that rely on critical strikes such as Lilya and Matilda.


Her Bright Future

When the wearer casts their Ultimate, if they have [Stats Up], the power of the Ultimate is increased by 10-20%

A reverse version of Brave New World that directly affects the Ultimate rather than any Skills that come after.

Any Arcanist in a team that has access to [Stats Up].


A Free Heart

When the wearer takes damage, if their HP is below 50%, they take 10-20% less damage.

Provides damage reduction for stages with high outgoing damage or Arcanists that deal damage to themselves.

Any Arcanist or those that deal damage to themselves such as Eternity and Pavia.


Laughter and Laughter

The wearer’s healing is increased by 3% at the start of each turn, which can stack for up to 4-8 times.

Increases all healing including outgoing, incoming and effects like DMG Heal and [Cure].

Good for basically any Support Arcanist that has access to some form of healing in their kit.


While there are Psychubes with a lower rarity than 5✦, they don’t carry any passive effects and are thus relatively inconsequential for the most part (they’re essentially only used for the stats). As such, this will conclude the Psychube guide for Reverse: 1999 until more of them are released.


We hope this helps you gain a better understanding of what each Psychube does and who can best utilize them.

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