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Character Revealed: Matilda - Initial Impressions


Matilda Bouanich is a 5* Rarity Arcanist in Reverse: 1999 of the Star Attribute that focuses on dealing damage to enemies with her skills and talents.

"The Great Matilda will become the Foundation's best on-site investigator ever. Together with her assistant Sone… they will excel at all missions assigned."


Character Backstory

Era: 1990s

Date Of Birth: 22nd Of June

PROBLEM KID? GENIUS KID!: Even a child with talent like her cannot have their parents' attention all the time. Since her grandfather passed away, she was no longer the focus of the family.

Her competitiveness and desire to express herself grew year by year. After watching the annual parade of the SPDM, she's determined to enroll and teach those 'good students' a lesson!


CRYSTAL DIVINATION AND TROUBLE IN MIND: When she held a crystal orb in her hands for the first time, she was able to read the signs of everything ... either the things she craved or not.

But the signs had changed since her first loss to Sonetto in an exam. After that, Sonetto's figure shows more frequently than she expects. Perhaps her trouble in mind is all about this competitor with an unusual name.


A FIRM FRENCH SPEAKER: "There is no other language in the world that is nobler than French!"

Matilda, a faithful believer in the supremacy of French.

A good language can make people excellent debaters and make them purer. French is the pinnacle of logic! What if people don't understand French? It doesn't matter. Speak French to them again.


Damage Type: Mental damage

Tags: DPS, Debuff

Skill 1 - Instant Of Prediction: 1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG. This attack enjoys Critical Rate +15%.


Skill 2 - Work Of Genius:  [Debuff]1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG and inflicts 1 stack of [Confusion] on the target. Lasts 1 round.


[Confusion] : Reduce Critical Resistance by 25% (can stack; each stack is timed independently).


Ultimate - Attention Everyone: Mass attack. Deals 300% Mental DMG to 2 enemies. This attack enjoys Penetration Rate +30%.


Star Of Pride:

1st Insight : When the caster is in [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] statuses, Critical Rate +15%.


2nd Insight: When the caster enters battle, damage dealt +8%.


3rd Insight: When the caster is in [Stats Up] or [Pos Status] statuses, damage received -15%.


1st Level: Increase the Critical Rate increase effect of Instant Of Prediction to 23% 

2nd Level: Increase the damage dealt by Work Of Genius

3rd Level: Increase the Critical Rate increase effect of Instant Of Prediction to 31% 

4th Level: Increase the Penetration Rate effect of Attention Everyone to 40%

5th Level: Increase the Critical Rate increase effect of Instant Of Prediction to 39% 

First Impressions

Matilda is a mix between a DPS and a Debuffer character that relies heavily on her ability to deal critical hits with her skills and passives. Players will need to have a good management of her critical stats in order to maximize the damage potential of Matilda in general contents. 


Matilda’s role as a DPS character is both helped and hindered by her heavy reliance on critical attacks, making her a semi-reliant damage dealer for early game contents against enemies that are weak against Mental Damage. In addition, her debuffs that reduce enemies’ resistance to critical hits will benefit her and her teammates heavily when up against strong enemies.


However, due to her over-reliant on critical hits and low stat line, her damage output potential is greatly reduced making her a decent starter character but is less relied upon when players progress further in the game and obtain better characters.

How To Obtain: 

- Matilda is a Free 5* Arcanist that all players can obtain from the Pre-register Event for the launch of the game.

- Matilda will be available in the game’s general gacha pool.


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