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Reverse:1999 Artificial Somnambulism Guide - How To Complete All 10 Stages

With the 2nd portion of the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.1 Update Patch starting with a new patch of contents and brand new banners for players to roll for new Arcanists, players are probably hard pressed on farming their premium currencies - clear drops in order to be able to roll for the newly introduced Arcanists on the newly introduced banners. If you are in dire need of extra clear drops to spend and want to obtain a large amount of them, players should consider playing and clearing the permanent game mode that rewards players with large amounts of clear drop - the special game mode Artificial Somnambulism and the subsequent game mode - Limbo. 


In this guide, we will go over all of the things players need to understand know about the Artificial Somnambulism game mode and the subsequent game mode Limbo and advises players on how they can best clear all of the stages in these game mode in order to obtain the large amounts of Clear Drops in order to save and roll for newly introduced Arcanists now and in the future.


Artificial Somnambulism - Everything You Need To Know

Artificial Somnambulism is a permanent gamemode that players can always play in order to clear special challenge battle stages and obtain stars in order to exchange them for large amounts of clear drops by accumulating the amount of stars they get. The Artificial Somnambulism game mode is divided into 2 different sets of stages - the first is called the Surface, with its content being further divided into 10 different stages, each rewarding players with 300 Clear Drops for every stages that they manage to complete by accumulating a total of 10 stars per stage. The 2nd part of Artificial Somnambulism is known as Limbo and is the monthly source of Clear Drops income that players can obtain by completing its 6 different stages, each rewarding players with 100 clear drops each for accumulating a total of 10 stars per stage.

Artificial Somnambulism - Surface Mechanics

As mentioned, the Surface portion of the Artificial Somnambulism is divided into 10 different stages, with each stage providing players with various battle stages in order for the players to obtain and accumulate stars in order to complete the stages.

It is important to note that the surface for Artificial Somnambulism is a permanent fixture, meaning that players will only be able to obtain the rewards for these stages once and while players can clear the stages in this multiple time, subsequent clears won’t help players to accumulate rewards anymore.


The first 5 stages of the Surface serve as a tutorial for the players with the different battles and stages rarely have any special mechanics and stage requirements, making it extremely easy for players to play through and obtain all the 10 stars per level in order to obtain the 300 clear drops per stages that players can obtain.


The last 5 stages of the Surface, however, is where players will experience a special limitation and the real challenge that Artificial Somnambulism offers to players - the character and team restrict mechanics. These stages are quite challenging as a whole and serve as the prelude to the Limbo stages that players will unlock upon finishing all 10 stages on the surface and obtain all of their rewards for the first time.

The total amount of rewards players will obtain on the surface will amount to 3000 Clear Drops, equalling to almost 20 free pulls upon players’ completion and collecting all the stars.

Artificial Somnambulism - Limbo

The 2nd part of Artificial Somnambulism and Reverse: 1999’s main end game content is the Limbo stages that will be unlocked upon players completing the Surface levels. Limbo is divided into 6 stages, with the total amount of rewards obtainable from them being 600 Clear Drops. However, Limbo works on a special reset calendar that will change the stage contents, the difficulty of the stages and the special rules concerning its different stages depending on the cycle that the Limbo resets to.

Limbo stages are extremely challenges that players will have to face as the game’s main end game content, with all 6 stages of Limbo containing high level end game enemies that will require a large variety of Arcanists and team diversity to deal with depending on the stage. In addition, depending on the Limbo reset season and cycle, special rule sets will be applied to the different Limbo Stages, making them even more difficult to clear depending on the rule set that will be applied during that Limbo cycle.


Upon clearing 1 stage of Limbo, players will also be subjected to the special team limitation and Arcanist limitation mechanic, making it even more difficult to go through the Limbo stages. Upon completing all 6 stages of Limbo, players will be rewarded with a total of 600 clear drops.


Limbo will reset on a 15 days cycle, and will always reset on the 1st and the 15th of each month, meaning players will be able to obtain up to 1200 clear drops per month from Limbo if they manage to complete all the Limbo stages challenges and obtain all of the stars.

Artificial Somnambulism - Team Limitations

From Surface Stage number 6 onwards and upon entering Limbo, players will be faced with the special Team Limitation Mechanic unique to Artificial Somnambulism. This team limitation mechanic will force the players to diversify the Arcanists that they built and require them to build many different Arcanists.

Upon completing a battle stage during Limbo and Surface stage 6 onwards, players will be required to keep 1 or 2 members of their team and discard the remaining 2 team members as they will be unavailable for the players to use during the next battle, meaning that players will have to alternate between different Arcanists and different teams and can only keep at most 1 Arcanist of the same team as the main carry of the whole team. This makes it so that players won’t be overly reliant on 1 team and will force players to think of many different team comps to use to clear the Artificial Somnambulism game mode.

Artificial Somnambulism - Stage Clear Tips and Tricks

Diversify Your Team Compositions

As mentioned, Artificial Somnambulism is a game mode that heavily incentivises the players to build a large number of different Arcanists in order to be able to clear its large amount of stages due to the Team Limitation mechanic.

Therefore, players should diversify their Arcanists choice by building different teams of Arcanists of the same afflatus, and build a large variety of different Arcanists in order to deal with whatever the Limbo stages might have in store.

Build At Least One Hyper Damage Carrier

Due to the limitations of the Team Limit mechanics, players will only be able to, at most, keep 1 Arcanist in your team between different battle stages. However, players should take advantage of this by building an extremely powerful and overpowered Hyper Carry Arcanist that can be useful in any team compositions in order to carry that Arcanist between teams and let them carry the entire team through the different stages.

This helps players focus their resources on building a massively powerful Arcanist for both general gameplay use and still be able to clear a portion of the Limbo stages by brute forcing the stages with a heavily invested and overpowered Damage dealer that only requires support.

Pay Attention To The Enemies’ Mechanics

As mentioned, Limbo stages all have different special mechanics depending on the Limbo cycle and different enemies within the stages have different special mechanics and abilities. Therefore, reading is extremely important for players to be able to clear the stages and obtain all of the rewards.

Do not bring a team that deals Mental damage to stages that have enemies that resist Mental Damage. Same with reality damage teams against enemies that resist reality damage. Read before you enter the stage and bring Arcanists that can take advantage and bypass enemies’ effects and abilities. That is the best and easiest way for players to be able to clear these stages.

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