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Arcanists Beginner Team Building Guide - How To Make The Best Starter Team

With Reverse: 1999's intricate combat system and an extremely detailed type matchup and elemental damage system, it is quite easy for players who start Reverse: 1999 to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and things to take into account when building a team to fight the many challenges the game throws at them. Therefore, it is important for players to understand all the information they need to know in order to make the best starter teams to tackle all of the contents Reverse: 1999 have in store for its players.

In this guide, we will go over all of the important information players need to take into account in order to make the best starter team to be able to clear all of the initial challenges the game has to offer. In addition, we will also offer players some tips and tricks players should know in order to help players become good team building players in the long term for future contents.


Ultimate Starter Team Building Guide - What You Need To Know

In order to make the perfect team for starting the game, players will need to understand some of the most fundamental factors that influence the team building process of Reverse: 1999 and the difference between characters.

Team Slots And Considerations

In any given stages, before entering the stage, players will be offered a total of 4 team slots to put their Arcanists into, with 3 of first slots being the Arcanists that will actively participate in battling the enemies on the field when deployed and the final 4th slot being a substitution character slot that players can, at any time, changes any Arcanists currently on the field with the substitution Arcanist in the 4th slot.

Some important considerations players need to know regarding the team slot is that players should absolutely pay attention to who they choose for the first 3 slots of a team as they will actively participate in the battle stage. The 4th slot is quite flexible in general, so players can bring a back up option for hard stages or they can even bring their favorite characters in the 4th slot so that they can obtain experience and bond points simply by being there.

Arcanist And Enemies Afflatus

Before entering a stage, players will be given the enemy’s afflatus in advance, so players should plan their team according to the characters’ afflatus that will deal the most effective damage against the enemy’s afflatus. 

There are 6 Afflatus in the game and their effectiveness is as followed:

Players should follow the Afflatus chart in order to build the best team for the individual stages in order to deal the most effective damage against the enemies in the stage

Arcanist Roles

With every team having 3 active Arcanist slots on any given stage, players need to ensure that they bring 3 Arcanists that can help them clear a stage by having a well balanced team for both offensive and defensive purposes. Due to this, the roles of the Arcanists during a stage are divided into 3 main roles that the Arcanists must fulfill in order to form a good team: 1 Main Damage Dealer Arcanist, 1 Support Arcanist and 1 Survival/ Sub-DPS Arcanist.

The Main Damage Dealer Arcanist is the core of the team, as they will do the most amount of damage and will carry the team through the stages. However, due to their importance and overwhelming damage potential, the majority of the time the Main Damage Dealer will be extremely fragile. Therefore, they will need some important supporting characters to help them either boost their damage potential or to help them survive the enemy’s onslaught.

The Support Arcanist fulfills the role of boosting the damage potential of the Main Damage Dealer Arcanist or helps ensure that the enemy is debuffed enough to help the damage dealt by the main damage dealer strong enough to clear the stages. The 

Support Arcanist should be Arcanist that either debuffs the enemies with powerful debuffs or buff the Main Damage Dealer with powerful buffs to help with their damage.

Finally, the last slot should be occupied by either an Archanist that boost the team’s Survival with defensive buffs, healings and other powerful sustaining abilities or, if the stage is easy enough and players are lacking in damage, the Archanist should be a Sub Damage Dealer Arcanist that can help supplement the main damage dealers’ damage overall.

Ultimate Starter Team Building Guide - Overview, Tips & Tricks

Build Different Teams Depending On The Stage

Different stages have different types of enemies that are vulnerable to different afflatus and different types of damage, therefore, players should be flexible in their team building and use different teams depending on the different situation and stages that they will fight. Diversification is key.

Build The Team Around The Main Damage Dealer

The Main Damage Dealer Arcanists are the most important part of a team and the key to any stages’ success, therefore, players should absolutely invest in their damage dealer and uses Support Arcanist and Sub DPS/ Survival Arcanist that works well with the Main Damage Dealer Archanist both in terms of Afflatus and Abilities.

Pay Attention To A Stage’s Afflatus And Level Requirement

Every Stages will have an Afflatus and Level requirement that players should pay attention to in order to be able to clear the stage. So take those warnings seriously and focus on leveling up your team accordingly before tackling individual stages in order to be able to clear them with ease.

Some Teams Recommendations

Please Note that these are some sample teams that players could follow in order to clear the most amount of contents in the game, players can instead replace some of the Archanists here with others depending on their abilities and skills.

6 Stars Arcanists Oriented Teams

- General Powerful Whale Team: Centurion (Main Damage Dealer), An-an Lee (Support), Medicine Pocket (Survival).



- Star Afflatus Whale Team: Regulus (Main Damage Dealer), Voyager (Support), Medicine Pocket (Survival).


5 Stars Arcanists Budget Teams:

- Powerful Budget Team: Matilda (Main Damage Dealer), Sonetto (Support), Dikke (Survival)

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