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1999 six star pull guide

The launch date of the much-anticipated game Reverse:1999 is drawing near. As a gacha game, early game difficulty is much dependent on which 6-star unit you get at first. Therefore, here is a guide on which 6-star unit you should be aiming for if you decide to do a bit of rerolling for optimized experience.


Beginner’s banner

Here is where you get a 6-star guarantee out of 3 possible units in 30 pulls: Eternity, Lilya or Regulus. For most players this will be the best choice for rerolling since it does not require that many tries to get one of the three.


a) Eternity
Recommendation level: ★★★★★★

Eternity is without doubt the best unit to get from the beginner’s banner. Her amazing ability of soloing stages is immensely helpful for clearing story stages and early farming stages, even half of Artificial Somnambulism mid to late game. With Eternity as your first 6-star, you can save tons of resources that otherwise would have been wasted on forming a makeshift team to pass the early stages. For players seeking a smooth start while not wanting to spend too much time on rerolling, she would be the best to aim for.


b) Lilya
Recommendation level: ★★★★☆☆

Lilya does massive damage on one condition: She lands crit. If she doesn’t crit, her damage is passable at best. However, she cannot crit consistently before reaching high levels (She needs Insight 3, Resonance 10 and lv.60 Psychube Thundering Applause to reach 100% crit rate), which means she does not perform well in early stages. On the other hand, in current endgame the enemies typically have high crit defense or crit damage reduction, making her theoretically high damage not that impressive. All of this results in Lilya’s unsatisfactory overall performance. She is still usable, but not superior.


c) Regulus
Recommendation level: ★★★☆☆☆

Regulus is not built to be a carry like the other two. She is a very AP-Generous DPM, which means she is best used with other teammates who can consume the extra APs that she doesn’t need. For this reason, and of course her unusual squishiness, she does not handle early game content well. Even later in the game, her performance is still highly dependent on your team composition. With the right teammates she is a great sub DPS, but for players new to the game she is not your best choice.


Standard banner

If you are not satisfied by merely pulling the beginner’s banner for the dev-chosen 6-stars, you might want to try your luck here in the standard banner for one or more of all the 6-stars available at launch. Know that the chances of getting the unit you want here with few pulls is really slim, and rerolling on this banner is only recommended for those seasoned gacha players who have both the time and will to retry countless times.


a) Centurion
Recommendation level: ★★★★★★

Centurion is the best damage dealer the game has to offer at launch, and she does her job exceedingly well regardless of your current progression. She accumulates moxie to strengthen her attacks. She does not need any particular team composition to deal massive damage to both single targets and multi targets. She is the best unit you can possibly get at launch, and should be your first goal if you decide to reroll on the standard banner.


b) An-an Lee
Recommendation level: ★★★★★☆

An-an Lee is the best all-round support in the game, giving both damage and survival buffs to all teammates. With her self skill leveling she requires minimal AP to deal decent damage herself. Switching between buff mode and damage mode every turn, her mechanic is simple but strong. She fits in any team and will benefit any team. She is the best unit you can get at game launch in terms of long-term value. 


c) A Knight
Recommendation level: ★★★★☆☆

A Knight’s afflatus is spirit, he will not be weaker against most enemies, and consequently not stronger against most enemies. That means he will be usable on most stages, but often not the best choice. He benefits from killing enemies, so you have to control enemy hp to utilize his full potential, and his Insight 3 passive helps him to kill. All of this result in him being a decent unit to get. A Knight will be on rate-up once the game launches, his banner also contains the 5-star Bkornblume, who is the best 5-star there is and the best support for many reality damage teams, surpassing many 6-stars. You can try to get her along with A Knight, they will work exceedingly well together.


d) Voyager
Recommendation level: ★★★★☆☆

Voyager is a very utility focused unit; she provides team reflect and damage reduction as well as crowd control. Her abilities can help you get through hard stages easier by increasing team survivability. She does not deal much damage on her own, and as such will need a good team to shine. Because of this she should not be your first 6-star to aim for, but in the long run she will be an excellent addition to your suitcase.


e) Medicine Pocket
Recommendation level: ★★★★☆☆

Medicine Pocket focuses on healing and survival; he provides abundant healing and team damage reduction as well as some control to increase team survivability. His skillset is extremely useful early game for challenging hard stages, however its nicheness will soon be exposed when you get close to mid game. His debuff skill has bad scaling on both the damage and the debuff, which makes him hard to fit in meta teams. His Insight 3 passive is also pretty useless, further reducing his investment value.


f) Druvis III
Recommendation level: ★★★★☆☆

Druvis III does control, and on stages where the enemies (especially bosses) are not immune to control she shines. She does decent damage, mainly focusing on mass attack, which makes her good for early stages with multiple mobs. She also provides sustain for all plant teammates at Insight 3, which makes her a good cornerstone for mono-plant team. All in all, she is usable in most occasions and great under certain circumstances.


g) Sotheby
Recommendation level: ★★★☆☆☆

Sotheby does the most healing in this game, but her healing is delayed, which may be hard to get used to for may players. Her poison skill does genesis damage, which cannot enjoy buffs and does little damage later into the game. She is not a strong unit during the first two patches, but for one, her rate-up banner at game launch also contains Charlie, who at high portray is an excellent carry dealing more damage than many 6-stars, and for another, with Changeling’s introduction into the game on patch 1.2 she becomes an important ingredient of the poison meta team, so if you want to plan ahead for that consider getting her.


h) Ms. NewBabel
Recommendation level: ★☆☆☆☆☆

Ms. NewBabel focuses on shielding, taunt and counter. She deals minor damage, and cannot tank all that well. She is weaker than many 5-stars in terms of overall performance and potential. She is the worst 6-star you can possibly get, and that will stay valid even till have a year after the game’s launch. If you get her as your first or even second 6-star, it is strongly advised that you start a new account for a better experience.


Such is all the 6-stars the game has to offer at launch. We wish you a smooth trip on the way back to 1999.

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